Imagine your curriculum and catalog as maps to graduation. Chances are, your students are getting lost along the way. We help create clear pathways so students stay on track.


Know where your students are, and where they are going. Real time insights improve resource and capacity planning with intuitive at-a-glance dashboards.

Schedule Analysis

Guide your decision making process by aligning curriculum and scheduling through automated schedule analysis. Better decision making means more students graduating.

Coming Early 2016!

Intelligent Pathways

Maximize student success by understanding the impact of every decision to graduation and beyond.

Career Explorer

Rest assured your career goals are attainable and match the lifestyle and environment you dream of.

Transferability Forecast

Remove stumbling blocks to completion with a clear picture of how courses will transfer from school to school.

Scheduling Wizard

Spend less time and frustration by aligning course and resource availability to meet everyone's needs.

Nudges & Notifications

Never leave a student stranded with simple and timely messages that create actionable results.

Targeted Surveys

Stop guessing and start understanding key indicators that lead to student frustration and lack of progress.

Badges & Credentials

Boost confidence and street cred by capturing achievements earned from meeting learning objectives.

Social & Community

Foster sustained outcomes to success with more access, visibility and collaboration everywhere.

"With Skeduna I was able to see what classes I needed in the order that is most beneficial. Skeduna also informed me that I was planning on taking unnecessary classes and likely saved me at least $2,000."

Kiki Tolman

"Skeduna's user experience is vastly superior to anything I've ever seen during my college experience."

Johnathan Johnson

Take it anywhere

Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices so students can access it whenever and wherever, making it easier than ever to access manage their graduation pathway.

Secure Cloud Hosted Solution

We are hosted in the cloud, providing 99.9% uptime and redundancy so you don't have to worry about getting access to the data you need when you need it.

Secure encryption and CAS integration meets FERPA guidelines making sure student data stays private.

College Completion Cooperative C3

Quantifying Outcomes and Maximizing Student Success

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