Imagine your curriculum and catalog as maps to graduation. Chances are, your students are getting lost along the way. We help create clear pathways so students stay on track.


Know where your students are, and where they are going. Real time insights Improve resource and capacity planning with intuitive at-a-glance dashboards.

Schedule Analysis

Guide your decision making process by aligning curriculum and scheduling through automated schedule analysis. Better decision making means more students graduating.

Student App

Coming May 2016!

Students don't always start school with a career in mind. We prevent lost credits by tracking progress across 3 different chosen majors within a single glance. Students get to explore majors without delaying graduation. Understand the financial impact of every decision, participate in their academic community, plus much, much more.

Available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Secure Cloud Hosted Solution

We are hosted in the cloud, providing 99.9% uptime and redundancy so you don't have to worry about getting access to the data you need when you need it.

Secure encryption and CAS integration meets FERPA guidelines making sure student data stays private.

What Others Are Saying

"Without the audit tool, the best we could have done is to audit a few graduation plans. We never would have had enough staff or time to cover every program. With the audit tool, we felt secure with consistent, clear feedback for every single graduation plan."

Eva Wamsley,
Former Director of Curriculum and Scheduling for UVU

"I found it extremely useful. It started people thinking. It brought up issues people hadn't thought about before."

Tiffany Evans,
Director of Program Completion at UVU

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